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Camille Leigh Photography is a Memphis TN based portrait and wedding photographer. We specialize in capturing moments and telling your love story.


The name’s Camille, but you can call me Cammie. Getting into the wedding business was a no brainer for me. I have always loved pretty things, organizing and putting things together, and had an affinity for weddings, and just love in general. Being able to share in these intimate moments of love honestly is a dream for me. I couple that with the innate gift of knowing how to ensure things run smoothly while keeping you grounded and in good spirits the entire time.

I organize my shoots so well the experience is stress free and chill for all. Just read my reviews, they will tell it all. I don't just produce good photos, I curate a great experience as well.

I'm dedicated to doing WHATEVER is necessary to make you feel comfortable and at ease, need to take a shot before, then go ahead! This is a judgment-free zone, you are letting me in on an intimate moment, so I am very big on making this moment as YOU as possible. I am a photographer but I am also your biggest supporter on shoot day, right there by your side, rooting for you and ready to celebrate with you.

Now we that got the business out the way, let me tell you about the good stuff ;)
Born and raised in Memphis, I genuinely care about providing great services in the city. I met the love of my life here and have 3 adorable dogs (the most adorable, yeah I said it).

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