The Four Way

998 Mississippi BLVD.

THE HISTORIC FOUR WAY RESTAURANT, formally known as the Four Way Grille, has been a landmark in the South Memphis community for over 70 years. Known for its hearty soul food and to die for desserts, the restaurant also allows patrons to enjoy a slice of Memphis history. Located at the intersection of Walker and Mississippi Blvd, the restaurant has been a pillar in the neighborhood for community activism.

During the Civil Rights era, it was frequented by leaders of the movement, including the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. In more modern times, under the leadership of Willie Bates, the restaurant served as a place for the community to gather in order to fight crime, blight and other social ills.From its original owner, Irene Cleaves to its present day owners, the Bates family, the Four Way has maintained its importance in the community and continues to attract guests from around the world.

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