The Handmade with Love Botanica

2966 Elmore Park Rd
(901) 289-3278

As an Artist, I found it difficult to find jewelry & accessories that reflect my inner energy and fed my spirit. The colors weren't vibrant enough, the patterns were boring and nothing fit properly. Occasionally, I would find pieces that were beautiful but they were mass produced and sold everywhere!! So that meant, everyone would or at least could be wearing the same stuff as me!!
That's when I decided to create my own wearable art that myself and other eccentric spirits would enjoy and appreciate wearing! I've intentionally chosen to make limited amounts of each design, to keep them exclusive!!!

Outside of my wearable art you'll find yoni essentials such as yoni steams and yoni eggs, natural skin products, wall art and holistic healing tools and a full apothecary of herbs!!

Clothing - Jewelry, Health